3-rd Prize Winner - Metro Competition

Consortium NOWADAYS LLC (Moscow, Russia) + Architects of Invention (London, UK)

The station design is based on a consistent repetition of round sectors that make up the column that frame the platform. They combine an architectural element, engineering systems (ventilation) and a light source. Columns remind of various telescopic devices and products - antennas, mechanical "legs" of construction or space vehicles. It is a dedication to the mechanistic, retro-futuristic beauty of Moscow underground. Blue, red and silver make up the palette of the project. The prevailing blue on the platform, combined with red, lends the space a sporty vitality. The entire design of the station is based on the repetition of a single element - a thin aluminum tube. From the walls of the underground vestibule along the escalators, it descends onto the columns of the platform and turns into a giant pipe of the underground station.