Apartment 15

The apartment in London is created in the modern rationalist format, which considers a primary function of an element in relationship to other elements in the interior. This kind of approach creates aesthetical dispassion and universality that is more related to office spaces and hotel suites than to residential interiors.The whole is organised into independent units brought together into one system.

A solid marble wall separates the hall, the bathroom and the sitting area. A decorative plaster wall with holes and niches divides the sitting room, batchroom and the bedroom. The kitchen is accessed by a terazzo finish ramp to the level of +45cm. The floating platfomr above the floor folds up into the bar table. The gap between the floor and the platform is accentuated with a mirror to achieve a floating effect. The platform level can be used for sitting as well. Solid wooden two-step stair can be moved and attached to the platform at any location. The ceiling above the kithen area is penetrated by different kinds of circular holes - dark, semi-transparent, down-lights and ventilation.

4.5m diameter circular translucent full fabric curtain creates a room-in-a-room space. A beamer projects images on the curtain  which is mirrored on each side. The light is predominantly hidden, the exception is the downward shining  light in the kitchen area.

Project Details
15 Kensington Park Gardens, London
140 m²
Bachelor's Pad