AI is an international partnership practicing contemporary architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis around the globe. The office is led by Nikoloz Japaridze and Anton Khmelnitskiy.

To accommodate a range of projects throughout the world, AI maintains offices in London, Moscow and Tbilisi.

Our ambition is to establish an international practice bringing innovative ideas and sustainable solutions across the world. Our method involves careful observation of situation, a keen understanding of environment and change through minimal intervention and recombination. We seek to establish positive rules creating enlivened, dynamic spaces that engage with societies. Architecture is for society and our simple aim is to improve living standards and quality of life, creating ease and enjoyment for users. We look for ways to design objects that can accommodate many functions simultaneously. Our credo is that material has no dimension and that scale is transcendence.

Architects, researchers, designers, model makers, industrial designers and graphic designers work in close collaboration, and expert consultants are intimately involved from the beginning of the design process.

Located in one of the iconic buildings in London - Albion Riverside, designed by Foster studio in 2003 on the south bank of the Thames, between Battersea and Albert Bridges. A mixed-use development, its ingredients are designed to promote a lively urban quarter where people can live, work and enjoy life in the heart of the city. Shops, business spaces, cafés and leisure facilities are grouped at ground level.

Public buildings, Offices, Banks and Financial Institutions, Retail Centers and Shopping Malls, Contemporary Residential Buildings, Social Housing, Reconstruction and Renovation, Interior design for apartments and shops, Landscape design, Furniture design, Exhibition design, Hospitals, Public Sculptures.

  • Absolute reliability in providing excellent services
  • Full design quality control
  • Long experience in the production of high quality planning
  • The guarantee of full and exact data
  • Consultation and collaboration regarding all legal questions involved in the construction process
  • Knowledge of construction law
  • High quality of production and client satisfaction
  • Economical and quick production of projects
  • Licence for architecture
  • Dedication to using local materials