Housing in Geneva

The building
For the most economical construction solution, single rectangular volume with two functional and two blank facades is proposed. Three cores with separate entrances are serving twelve apartments per floor, thirty-six in total. The residential units are placed into distinctive three floor volume floating above the utilities. Dimensions of the volume 80 X 18 X 10m. 7600m2 including the car park.

The building’s is oriented with its narrow facade to the South and North for the most comfortable sun and cold protection. For the noise protection the timber perforated walls are used from the South-West side.


Three cores with separate entrances are serving twelve apartments per floor. Two and three bedroom single orientation apartments are forming the volume on three floors. There are four two bedroom apartments per floor, the rest are three bedrooms. Each room of each apartment has rotated wall for sound protection and a small balcony.

The building has three axes points. Main car drop off is from the South underneath the cantilever. Open car park is next to the entrance. Existing ramp serves to axes the building. There is a footpath surrounding the building leading to other two entrances.  Foot path leads to dog huts down the slope towards the highway.

For the most economical and fever use of materials zinc metal facade is wrapping the building from South and North. For South West and South East façade timber walls are used as noise protection. Ground floor volume is covered with vegetation in order to blend into the landscape.

Project Details
Chamin de Tattes 7, Poussy à Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland
The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FBL
7500 m²
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Nikoloz Japaridze, Anton Khmelnitskiy, Vano Ksnelashvili, Daniel Lareau