Ordynka Club House Complex

The buildings of the former Factory named after Marat were taken as a basis for the Project – they will be carefully renovated and will retain its historical appearance. In contrast to the buildings, the facades facing the courtyard have an emphatically modern design: polylines, picture windows, large modules of white architectural concrete, natural stone and anodized copper which give the whole complex a guaranteed modern character. In addition, the ensemble ORDYNKA CLUB HOUSES COMPLEX will include two town mansions of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Designed for 74 flats and 16 apartments, ORDYNKA Project consists of 7 club houses. There is a separate section allocated for apartments and the first floors of the buildings facing the courtyard, where personal patios will be arranged. The range of offers also includes penthouses with views of the capital center and, subsequently, own residences in the buildings of the restored manor complex of the XVIII century.

Project Details
Concept Proposal
B. Ordinkskiy Per. 4, Moscow, Russia
Insigma Development
15000 m²
Residenatial, Office, Retail
Dominykas Daunis, Davit Canava, Bathilde Hamonic, Nikoloz Japaridze, Anton Khmelnitskiy, Ivane Ksnelashvili