Villa D5

The house has a central double-height living room that serves as the focal point, connecting all the other rooms in the house. Instead of traditional corridors, this central space acts as a gathering area, reflecting the essence of family life.


Located on an East-facing slope of Lisi hill, overlooking the Saburtalo area of Tbilisi, the site features an average slope of 7-9 meters. Surrounded mostly by private residential buildings, access to the site is from the West via a private road. The plot, with a slightly trapezoidal shape, covers an area of 1580 sqm. Urban restrictions impose a 5m setback from the perimeter, which the building design maximizes.


The house is designed as a single-level dwelling with a large roof, harmoniously following the shape of the reduced boundary. While the façade facing the road appears solid, the building opens up towards the East and South. The main entrance is located adjacent to the road on the West side, accessible via a narrow footpath. The North-West corner features an open garage with direct access to the house. Inside, the house comprises five bedrooms, a study, and a double-height living room with a mezzanine floor. The bedrooms are oriented towards the East, with the master bedroom enjoying a view of the city and direct access to the open courtyard. The kitchen boasts a three-sided orientation, offering views to the East (morning sunrise), South (city view), and West (evening sunset dining area).


The central living room serves as the hub of the house, connecting all other functions. It is surrounded by outdoor spaces, including an alcove at the main entrance (West), a Japanese garden (North), a morning sunrise terrace (East), and an open courtyard with a view (South). The house is oriented towards the city view in the South, featuring a grand roof with skylights of varying sizes that allow for different daylight scenarios. Despite its grandeur, the house maintains a modest and welcoming atmosphere.

Project Details
Concept Proposal
Tbilisi, Georgia
563 m²
$400 thousand
Eka Kankava, Nikoloz Japaridze, Davit Tsanava, Nika Kokaia