Anaklia Port Island

Anaklia Port Island is a largest port city in the Black Sea region. It is an artificial land mass located in the territorial waters of Georgia. It is a full scale international port with per year container and pulverulent materials capacity. It is located in 3 km from the coastal line with single bridge road connecting the main land, 5 km from Poti, 3 km from Anaklia and 9 km from Batumi. It's size is 3x3 km defined by the size of the port.The proposed island is designed to minimise impact of development on coast line, thus preserving the natural landing spot on bird migration route. The island is an alternative solution liberating the proposed land for the city of Lazika. Diverse programming, careful phasing and strategic priorities to uncertainties and change; fixed and variable condi-tions; complementary rather than competitive contribution to the use of the island.

Project Details
Concept Proposal
Territorial Waters of Georgia
900000 m²
International Port, Public Park, Parking-Storages, Docks, Feiry Terminals, Offices, Retail, Private Villas, Leisure, Yachting, Sport, Hotel, Residential