National Science and Innovation Centre of Lithuania

Cityscape urban integration

This proposed design for Science Island creates a marked but porous division between a newly created urban environment and existing parklands. In keeping with the Science Centre's emphasis on environmental matters, this design provides a natural barrier across the island to preserve the purity of the park. The orientation of the building allows for a fluency of movement via bridges the existing pedestrian bridge and a new southbank bridge connecting the island to the old town and expected future developments in South Kaunas. To minimise car traffic, we have kept the Science Centre as close to the Žalgiris Arena as possible. Since most visitors to Žalgiris Arena arrive in the evening from 20h, we propose that this existing car park be available to Science Centre visitors during its daytime opening hours. Deliveries will be restricted to the East side of the island. The building’s main principle is to divide the island into two parts the landscape and the hardscape.

Project Details
Concept Proposal
Kaunas, Lithuania
13000 m²
Engenuiti structure, HED Landscape, DSA engineering
front of house, Visitor Amenities, Temporary Galleries, Permanent Galleries, Event Spaces, Staff Spaces, Back of House, Plant Spaces
Davit Tsanava, Dominykas Daunys, Bathilde Hamonic, Nikoloz Japaridze, Anton Khmelnitskiy, Vano Ksnelashvili, George Nishnianidze