Photo: Archirost

Lisi Garden House

The Site

The site is located to the North-West of Tbilisi, in the Saburtalo district, on a sloping hill near Lisi lake, with views over the city. A series of high-profile practices – Architects of Invention, Riccardo Bofill and UN Studio - have been commissioned to populate the masterplan with radically different, new build, 5 - 7 storey residential blocks, that will sit alongside a number of private houses. 

Lisi Green Town

The scheme is part of Lisi Development’s Green Town, a substantial residential project that boasts innovative green principles. Residents’ utility bills are reduced by up to 30%, thanks to Lisi’s energy efficiency standards, with electric charge points and rainwater harvesting included. 20% of the site is residential and the remaining 80% is dedicated to recreational areas and infrastructure.

Garden House

Inspired by both American architect James Wines’ collage “House of Homes”, with its greenhouse style living spaces, and by architects Brodsky & Utkin’s “Columbarium Habitable”, the concept for this scheme is houses with gardens stacked on top of each other to form a single residential block.   The modular living rooms are configured as alternating oval and rectangular forms that create a rhythmical vertical pattern within the grid.  As a modification to James Wines' vision, the Garden House’s verandas offer ample space for outdoor planting.

Project Details
Under Construction
Lisi Green Town
Lisi Development
11500 m²
Cubicon (Structure), Nec (M&E), IERI (Urban planning), Sainjgeo (Geology), GZA (Transport)
Car Park, Retail, Residential Flats, Duplex Apartments
Elena Cruz Alcami, Simon Gatehouse, Nikoloz Japaridze, Eka Kankava, Vako Kelbakiani, Nino Margvelashvili, Davit Tsanava