B2 Resort Hotel broke ground



Lisi Garden House



Ziggurat House

The Ziggurat House, located in Tskneti, near Tbilisi, features a three-tiered, rotating quadrangular design inspired by a Ziggurat and traditional Georgian "darbazy" cupola. The house includes a base living area, first-floor bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a top-floor party room, harmonizing manmade geometry with nature.


Lisi Garden House shell is almost done

For more details visit - https://www.architectsofinvention.com/en/project/lisiresi 


Villa DG

A businessman commissioned a suburban villa seeking tranquility and minimal landscape intervention. The design integrates the villa seamlessly into the hilly terrain, using natural materials like stone, wood, and glass to blend with the surroundings. The villa features open-plan living spaces with large windows, providing expansive views and a strong indoor-outdoor connection. Sustainable elements, such as passive solar heating and rainwater harvesting, are incorporated. Outdoor living areas, designed with native plants, offer serene spaces for relaxation, creating a harmonious and peaceful retreat that respects and enhances the natural beauty of the landscape.


Dariali Energy

Dariali Energy JSC has commissioned us with a service accomodation for the satff - https://www.architectsofinvention.com/en/project/darialienergy 


Lisi Garden House two floors up



Public Lecture

Depository of Architecture - a public lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi on 12 April 2023



Buknari Resort Hotel

Buknari Resort Hotel planning permission has been granted



Lisi Garden House

Lisi Garden House 1st floor caisson slab weaving


42 Cranley Gardens

42 Cranley Gardens maisonette flat with a roof terrace luxury refurbishment near completion.



Buknari Hotel

Buknari Hotel first building of the masterplan designed by WATG in Buknari, Batumi, Georgia. 



Lisi Garden House

Lisi Garden House ground floor V-shape columns installed.


Lisi Garden House in progress

Lisi Garden House in progress ...


42 Cranley Gardens SW7

Architects of Invention has achieved planning permission for rebuilding of a luxury maisonette flat at 42 Cranley Gardens, SW7. 



Architects of Invention is commissioned to design the 640 residential unit building complex of 95000m2 for $230mil. 



Winner - The Face of Renovation

We are one of the winners of The Face of Renovation competition to upgrade 488,66 sq.m of building

View the proposal here - https://thefaceofrenovation.ru/en/winners/area/9/


Lisi Garden House ready for the site

Very excited to announce that Lisi Garden House has been submitted to the client to start site preparations


TATLIN Apartments completed

TATLIN Apartments completed. Checkout more details -




Eaton Mews South

Eaton Mews South, Belgravia - reconsturction of a mews house completed.


3-rd Prize Winner - Metro Competition

Consortium NOWADAYS LLC (Moscow, Russia) + Architects of Invention (London, UK)

The station design is based on a consistent repetition of round sectors that make up the column that frame the platform. They combine an architectural element, engineering systems (ventilation) and a light source. Columns remind of various telescopic devices and products - antennas, mechanical "legs" of construction or space vehicles. It is a dedication to the mechanistic, retro-futuristic beauty of Moscow underground. Blue, red and silver make up the palette of the project. The prevailing blue on the platform, combined with red, lends the space a sporty vitality. The entire design of the station is based on the repetition of a single element - a thin aluminum tube. From the walls of the underground vestibule along the escalators, it descends onto the columns of the platform and turns into a giant pipe of the underground station.



Scenes from a Reclamation

e-flux/ New Silk Roads


100 Day Studio: Nikoloz Japaridze

Day 62 of the 100 Day Studio: Nikoloz Japaridze of Architects of Invention discusses how the practice, with offices in London and Tbilisi has had to design and deliver buildings with remote tools. The practice's first buildings were built in a rush, to meet deadlines of unstoppable state development, to mark new era of departure from post-Soviet heritage of newly formed republic of Georgia. The rush to produce a new architecture has collided with a disorganisation and lack of regulation and infrastructure to produce a certain chaos. Currently, the practice is designing the first fully timber pre-fab seven storey residential building in Tbilisi, which will be manufactured in Austria, delivered to the site and assembled in four months.


100 DAY STUDIO The 100 Day Studio is a new series of online lectures, interviews, building tours and panel discussions, organised by The Architecture Foundation. For 100 weekdays from Monday April 6th 2020 to Thursday August 27th 2020, the 100 Day Studio will host many of best architects and architectural thinkers in the world, broadcast live and uploaded here on this channel. The curriculum for the week ahead will be announced each Friday at architecturefoundation.org.uk/news/100-day-studio

If you would like to support the work of The Architecture Foundation, please consider donating or becoming a member at architecturefoundation.nationbuilder.com


METRO Competition Finalist

Finalists of the competition for the design of two new Moscow metro stations are chosen! Despite the complexity of the task and the record number of applications, the jury selected the best ones who will continue to compete.
Nomination "Klenoviy bulvar 2" station:

1. Bureau Krupniy plan Бюро Крупный План LLC (Moscow, Russia);

2. Consortium led by Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd (London, UK)
Consortium members:
А-Проект.К Концерн "КРОСТ" (Moscow, Russia);
Arup Lighting (London, UK);
Systematica Srl (Milan, Italy);

3. ABTB АБТБ LLC (Moscow, Russia);

4. Blank Architects CJSC (Moscow, Russia)

5. Consortium led by Архитектурное бюро Воздух (Moscow, Russia)
Consortium members:
■ WP I ARC Plan GmbH (Hanover, Germany).

Nomination station "Prospect Marshala Zhukova":

1. ABTB LLC (Moscow, Russia);

2. Blank Architects CJSC (Moscow, Russia);

3. Asadov ARCHITECTURAL BUREAU Архитектурное Бюро Асадова LLC (Moscow, Russia);

4. Consortium led by Nowadays LLC (Moscow, Russia);
Consortium members:
Architects of Invention (London, UK);

5. Masterskaya Arhitekturnyh Prostranstv MAParchitects LLC (Moscow, Russia).

The initiator of the competition is Mosinzhproekt Мосинжпроект JSC, an operator of the Moscow metro Московский метрополитен development program. The competition is held with the support of the Moscow Government with the participation of the chief architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov. The competition operator is the Agency CENTER.

Find more details at design-metro.ru/en

We congratulate the finalists and wish them success at the second stage of the competition!

#agencycenter #mosinzhproect #designlifestyle #internationalcompetition #designmetro #moscow


Tatlin in progress

Aluminium cladding on the upper volume is taking it's final shape


Tatlin exterior in progress

The hybrid structure is taking shape. The perimeter glazing is being installed. Front sharp nose steel sturcture fixed to the concrete body.


Tatlin Apartments on site

Tatlin apartments site report. The building has finished it's basebuilt construction phase. Scroll down to watch live progress - https://tatlindom.ru/


longlisted dezeen award 2019

We are delighted to let you know that out of 4,500 entries form 87 countries, our porject has made into Dezeen's longlist #pharmaceuticalhq #nikolozjaparidze #architectsofinvention #dezeenawards2019



Waste Paper Dragon

Exactly 11 years agon this day on 20 June at London Festival of Architecture 2008, we pitched for the insatllation concerned with society's ever-changing and ever-growing stance on recycling. Where will the cycle of consumption end? The possibilities for future material usage and feasibility of paperless offices will be explored. Fabricated predominantly from paper-mache and rods, the sculpture aims to address these issues through it's construction.


Event curators: Nikoloz Japaridze, Christopher Smith, [Lasha Mamaladze], Natasha Randall, Sandro Antadze

Structural consultants: David Steel, Sebastian Houitte


Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats.

For everyone working in the construction industry, meeting the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand a paradigm shift in our behaviour. Together with our clients, we will need to commission and design buildings, cities and infrastructures as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating and self-sustaining system.

The research and technology exist for us to begin that transformation now, but what has been lacking is collective will. Recognising this, we are committing to strengthen our working practices to create architecture and urbanism that has a more positive impact on the world around us.

We will seek to:

  • Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action amongst our clients and supply chains.
  • Advocate for faster change in our industry towards regenerative design practices and a higher Governmental funding priority to support this.
  • Establish climate and biodiversity mitigation principles as the key measure of our industry’s success: demonstrated through awards, prizes and listings.
  • Share knowledge and research to that end on an open source basis.
  • Evaluate all new projects against the aspiration to contribute positively to mitigating climate breakdown, and encourage our clients to adopt this approach.
  • Upgrade existing buildings for extended use as a more carbon efficient alternative to demolition and new build whenever there is a viable choice.
  • Include life cycle costing, whole life carbon modelling and post occupancy evaluation as part of our basic scope of work, to reduce both embodied and operational resource use.
  • Adopt more regenerative design principles in our studios, with the aim of designing architecture and urbanism that goes beyond the standard of net zero carbon in use.
  • Collaborate with engineers, contractors and clients to further reduce construction waste.
  • Accelerate the shift to low embodied carbon materials in all our work.
  • Minimise wasteful use of resources in architecture and urban planning, both in quantum and in detail.

Founding signatories:
Alison Brooks Architects, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, AL_A, Caruso St John Architects, David Chipperfield Architects, dRMM, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Foster + Partners, Haworth Tompkins, Hodder + Partners, Maccreanor Lavington, Michael Wilford, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Stanton Williams, WilkinsonEyre, Witherford Watson Mann, Zaha Hadid Architects

We hope that every UK architectural practice will join us in making this commitment.



Golden Section Award 2019 - Pharmaceutical HQ

Architects of Invention received Moscow Union of Architects Golden Section Award in 2019 for the building Pharmaceutical HQ in Moscow.


Золотое Сечение - http://zs-konkurs.ru/novosti/?ELEMENT_ID=1307


Move Realty Awards 2019

Tatlin Apartments - the best architectural solution in Moscow

The Tatlin Apartments complex is recognized as the best architectural solution in Moscow according to the prestigious Move Realty Awards.

21 March 2019, Moscow hosted the award ceremony of the annual professional real estate award Move Realty Awards 2019. This year, a high jury praised the originality of the architectural concept of Tatlin Apartments and awarded the house an award for the best architectural solution.

Experts noted the organicity with which the constructivist beginning and modern ideas are combined in Tatlin Apartments.

The multifunctional winter garden, located in the complex at the 7th floor level, received special attention.

In the past, the telepcom building, today Tatlin Apartments is one of the most progressive concepts in the Basmanny district, and, perhaps, in the city.


Urban Awards 2018

Tatlin Apartments winner in the Best Apartments Category at Urban Awards



Pharmaceutical HQ is EUMiesAward2019 Nomenee

Pharmaceutical HQ is EUMiesAward2019 Nomenee





Nikoloz Japaridze lecture at TAB2018

Nikoloz Japaridze gave a public lecture 'Material Differences of Singularity' as part of collateral events at TAB - Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2019 in Fabrica - http://biennial.ge/nika-japaridze/


Tatlin Apartments on site

We are very happy to announce that our building Tatlin Apartments is on site (Vesta Developments www.vesta-development.ru)

Project link http://architectsofinvention.com/en/project/bakuninskaya?category_slug=residential


Ordynka Club House Complex on site

Please check the developers site www.ordynka.ru



Mashkova 13 renovation in progress



Helicopters HQ has been completed

The practice was commissioned to build a corporate HQ for a prestigious national company in the heart of downtown Moscow.  The 0.5 hectare site, which occupies an entire street block and encompasses an existing, 2 storey, historical building, is surrounded by stucco-fronted public buildings and residential blocks, near the important transport complex of Paveletskaya railway station.



Pharapaceutical HQ has been completed



holzbauaustria - Holz und Licht statt Kirchturm



The Future Cities Forum

The Future Cities Forum debates the latest urban planning and design issues around the world, bringing together city leaders, councils, developers, architects and engineers.

​Our 100 delegate 13th June 2017 conference 'Art and Science Regeneration' will be held at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

2 pm to 2.30 pm – Public realm investment and gardens in the city

Richard Cowell, Head of Regeneration at Birmingham City Council, will lead a panel examining the transformative power of public realm investment and the importance of greening the city, with Chris Perkins of M&G Real Estate, Nikoloz Japaridze of Architects of Invention and Kate Gould, the award-winning city garden designer.


Mashkova 13 renovation in progress



Cabinet in greenery

Spring is great in Moscow when you see something like this in the middle of greenery. Class-A office is few steps away to be filled with occupants. Full photo report will follow.




Unbuilt London - Paper Architecture @LFA2017

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, the Wall Gallery with its editorial team will display a proposal of Unbuilt Projects – Paper Architecture of London. The exhibition will cover various schemes envisioned by architects, developers or entrepreneurs over the years or centuries. The chosen schemes will encompass most interesting examples of architectural structures, which could have dramatically transformed the city. The highlight of the research will be – Watkin’s Tower, Chrystal Palace Tower, Reform tower etc. Most important chosen example will be featured on the wall as a central piece.




Mail Online - Hanging Gardens of Birmingham: Architects design incredible tower concepts with 'oasis-like' terraces



The Times - Towering proposal to build Birmingham's urban jungle

Birmingham could soon get its own version of the hanging gardens of Babylon after plans were submitted for a pair of soaring tree-covered towers, the first of its kind in Britain.




£70m 'Hanging Gardens' of Digbeth

Backed by a Chinese private equity fund, the Garden Hill development in Digbeth has been designed with a network of roof-garden terraces rising up to two towers at opposite corners of the site - http://bit.ly/2pm3jTf

AJ most popular news of the week - http://bit.ly/2oiRWh2


MARK N67 - Sydhavnen Church

MARK N67 April - May 2017

Sydhavnen Church, Copenhagen competition entries



Ordynka Club House Complex has launched

Architects of invention, EU + OPEN AD, EU will be engaged in the project of a new residential complex in the center of Moscow.

In March the Project of a new residential complex ORDYNKA. CLUB HOUSES COMPLEX was presented. The buildings of the former Factory named after Marat were taken as a basis for the Project – they will be carefully renovated and will retain its historical appearance. In contrast to the buildings, the facades facing the courtyard have an emphatically modern design: polylines, picture windows, large modules of white architectural concrete, natural stone and anodized copper which give the whole complex a guaranteed modern character. In addition, the ensemble ORDYNKA CLUB HOUSES COMPLEX will include two town mansions of the XVIII-XIX centuries.





Office Building in Moscow



Office facade final steps

Few steps to go, fimilising facade details



Villa at Sheldon Avenue, N6 undeway

Foundation capping beams are being formed


'Everything Is Connected' - tape installation at the Wall Gallery

'Everything Is Connected' - tape installation at the Wall Gallery

Expoloring modern tools of suprematism with the colour tape.


Class-A office underway



Mashkova 13 renovation in progress



EUMiesAward2017 - two AI buildings nominated for the prize

EUMiesAward2017 356Nominees
More countries participate this year. Georgia outstands with 7 nominated works, pushing the boundaries of the Prize further east to cities such as Kvareli, towards the Caspian Sea. Two Architects of Invention buildings nominated for the award - Lazika Municipality and Prosecutor's Office



Sydhavnen Church Publication in A&C

South Korean magazine - Architecture & Culture No.427, December 2016 - publication of Sydhavnen Church



Nikoloz Japaridze at MARSH school of Architecture in Moscow

Nikoloz Japaridze lecture - 'Material Differences of Singularity' at MARSH school of Architecture in Moscow






Leftovers - tape installation

Leftovers, tape installation in the Wall Gallery. http://architectsofinvention.com/en/wall


Shortlisted in the Sydhavnen Church Competition

UK firms participating in the open call – organised by the Danish Association of Architects – included ZHA, AZPML and Architects of Invention.

Read more on the AJ - http://bit.ly/2fS6FO0



On the List - OnOffice article about 12 Hay Hill

Read November Issue 113, On the list - A focus on design differentiates a glamorous new generation of private members’ clubs in London
Words by Charlotte Taylor




Class-A office underway

Interior works at the end of completion. 8m long reception desk features the entrance hall.



The National Science and Innovation Centre of Lithuania

Competition entry



Optical geopmetires

A blue tape installation at The Wall Gallery London


Moscow office underway

Work in progress



mashkova 13 renovation in progress



Moscow office facade comparison



Moscow office facade structures



Class-A office cantilever



mashkova 13 renovation in progress

see more http://architectsofinvention.com/en/project/mashkova





Architects of Invention is now RIBA Chartered Practice

Congratulations!!! Very proud to become RIBA Chartered Practice.



London to Brighton Off-Road Bike Ride

London to Brighton Off-Road Bike Ride - our brilliant IT Daniel came as a finalist - Congrats!


Class-A office underway

Office building in the centre of Moscow is underway. http://architectsofinvention.com/en/project/class-a-office


Office building underway

Work in progress



#architectsofinvention on INSTAGRAM now!

Please follow us on Instagram



Class-A office underway

Office building in the centre of Moscow is underway. http://architectsofinvention.com/en/project/class-a-office


Private House under construction in Hampstead, London

House at Sheldon Ave. N6 4DS London

The House comprises of eight bedrooms and a series of major functions including: a pool spa, a family room with a courtyard space, a cinema, a library, staff living, and a reception/kitchen dining space for the family and friends.



Office building in progress

Work in progress



Residential building in the centre of Moscow being built

Residential building on site in the centre of Moscow, which makes it 6th building being built by AI. More info here -



Class -A - Office in progress

Office buildign in the centre of Moscow being built.



Private House under construction in Hampstead, London

Private House at 64 Sheldon Ave. N6 4DS London

The House comprises of eight bedrooms and a series of major functions including: a pool spa, a family room with a courtyard space, a cinema, a library, staff living, and a reception/kitchen dining space for the family and friends.



AI studio has moved

We have moved! Our new spacious studio is located in one of the iconic buildings in London - Albion Riverside, designed by Foster studio in 2003 on the south bank of the Thames, between Battersea and Albert Bridges. A mixed-use development, its ingredients are designed to promote a lively urban quarter where people can live, work and enjoy life in the heart of the city. Shops, business spaces, cafés and leisure facilities are grouped at ground level.


Casa Brutus

Casa Brutus, December 2015 - Georgia Travel




TZK/Issue 99/ September 2015
Open Season - Nikoloz Japaridze with Natasha Randall on the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow



Class -A - Office in progress

Class -A - Office in progress



12 Hay Hill office space and business club opens

Business Club is now completed! You are wellcome to make your queries at http://www.12hayhill.com



Class-A office progress

After long delay Class-A office in Moscow centre is in very active construction phase. Basement is almost finished.



Office building mystic glow

Exterior almost there ...





12 Hay Hill - in progress



Nine Elms Bridge Competition - Team 012


TEAM 012

The Nine Elms - Pimlico Bridge: The Clip

The new link between historic Pimlico and the cutting-edge development at Nine Elms should express the city’s ambitions for those neighbourhoods and for London as a whole.

All entries are here: http://www.nepbridgecompetition.co.uk/gallery-of-all-entries.html


Nine Elms Bridge Competition

Nine Elms Bridge Competition all Stage 1 shortlisted entries displayed here:


If you are a resident at Wandsworth or Pimlico, you have a chance to vote for your favorite bridge. Our proposal is one of them.

Public Exhibitions

Public exhibitions of all Stage 1B submissions will take place at the following venues :

Westminster Boating Base, 136 Grosvenor Road, London SW1V 3JY
Monday 23rd February : 11.00am - 7.00pm
Tuesday 24th February : 9.00am - 7.00m

Rose Centre, Ascalon Street, London SW8 4DJ
Friday 27th February : 1.00pm - 7.00pm
Saturday 28th February : 10.00am - 6.00pm


Staines Upon Thames Residential Development

Archdaily - Architects of Invention’s Housing Proposal Puts Community at its Center


Office building in progress



Origami Highline in Santiago, Chile

Archdaily - Architects of Invention and Archiplan Propose “Origami Highline” for Santiago




12 Hay Hill - under construction



12 Hay Hill office space and business club opens

Anticipating grand opening of the club we designed at 12 Hay Hill, Mayfair. Stay tuned, more images will follow. 



Bridge street, Staines upon Thames Residential Development


Bridge street, Staines upon Thames Residential development



The International Architecture Award 2014 - Prosecutor's Office

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies are pleased to inform you that the following has received The International Architecture Award for 2014 - Prosecutor's Office.



Aoa (Chile) - Vol. 26 - Aug 2014 - Santiago Telecom Tower




AI receives planning permission for a 45K sqm mixed-use development in Central Moscow.

Office builing in Moscow has received planning permissison.  The building is due by the end of this year.



Concept Vol.180 Mar 2014, , Stantiago Telecom Tower

South Korean magazine Concept published Santiago Telecom Tower competition 3rd prize winner. 


Monthly magazine of CONCEPT, 2014 CA Press www.capress.co.kr
ISSN 1288-4262


Office building in the centre of Moscow is already 7 storeys high

Office building in the centre of Moscow scheduled by end of this year is already 7 storeys high




Great example of rear Tbilisi Art Nouveau Grade I listed house, built in 1905 by architect Zurabian is under threat of collapsing. The state does not take care and the Majors office too. This building has not been touched for hundred years and now is the time of action!

Tbilisi is on the verge of loosing yet another part of its heritage where greedy developers are waiting to erect yet another ugly business-historicism. Kojoris street 3, Sololaki, Tbilisi - call for support!


Lazika Municipality featured on Architizer

Traditional support systems, like upright columns and load-bearing frames, are a thing of the past. In contemporary designs, support systems are angled, turned, or thinned-out, transforming them into sculptural elements. In some designs, these dynamic supports lift entire buildings off the ground, while in others, supports span multiple stories to hold up a heavy cantilever. Check out our collection of the most innovative new support systems that seem to make contemporary buildings defy gravity.



AI 3rd prize winner of Torre Antena Santiago competiton

Halo Santiago

The concept of this tower suggests the volcano and optical phenomena such as the halo and the sun pillar. The ideas originate with the early modernists such as Rodchenko, Tatlin, Yakov Chernikhov and Malevich.
Chile has an enormous amount of active volcanoes and this tower evokes that seismic dynamism with its smoke-plume vertical extension that seems to twist and rise. Likewise, the light emitted at night by the viewing platform is reminiscent of the wide glow from an active eruption.
The relationship of the tower to the statue of Saint Mary is important also in that the horizontal emphasis does not represent a dominating presence but rather a shared mountainous space. 
The viewing platform also suggests an optical halo – which seems to float in the sky, suspended only by cables. At night, the halo-like shape hovers above the mountain peak with only a series of red lights shining above it. The halo has always been considered as a feature that highlights and inspires awe, in phenomena as far-reaching as weather patterns, photography, painting, the physical sciences and religion.  This tower, with its strong and simple design is unlike any other tower in the world. This presents a potential for iconicity in a global metropolis such as Santiago.
The tower is organised as a vertical displacement of the programme emphasising its horizontality rather than verticality. Its homogenous materiality refers to its sculptural nature rather than simply suggesting its functional form - it combines the motivations of both as a landmark form and a functional communication tower.The significance of its form is dominated by a large 80-meter diameter ring hovering above the mountain peak. At night, the illuminated ring acts as a halo around the mountain peak, mitigating its functional significance with a subtle presence in the night-time panorama.

View full article:



AI EXPO 2015 Russia Pavilion published on ArchDaily

London-Moscow-Tbilisi-based practice Architects of Invention has completed a proposal for the Russian Pavilion at the 2015  Expo as a part of the Expo’s Herzog  & de Meuron-designed masterplan. Designed to evoke the connotation that Russia is one of the biggest agriculture exporters in the world, the pavilion “Russia: The Fields of Growth” will contribute to the Expo’s theme of “Feeding the Planet”, and at the same time introduce a dynamic and powerful image of the modern Russia that originates in the country’s great past.This architectural solution is based on one conceptual act: the use of a large-scale form (single bend of a plane) that originates in the monumental traditions of the best of twentieth century Soviet architecture.
A 17-meter long Stella indicates the main entrance to the pavilion from the main pedestrian artery of the exhibition, and continues into the field-roof. Inside, the walls and ceiling of the pavilion is designed as an interactive screen with constantly changing images. On top of the pavilion, there is a landscaped garden, where visitors can pass time throughout the day. Thus, the dynamic architecture of the pavilion emphasizes the continuous link between technology and nature.

The proposed concept is an example of so-called ‘quantum’ architecture, since the roof and the wall comprise single form, where the natural and the technological complement each other. Such an approach fits well into the latest trends of modern architecture, and puts the Russian Pavilion on an equal footing among other national pavilions, combining depth of analysis and contemporary design.



SMO on site ...

Class -A building on site in the middle of Moscow.


Art area TV, UFO #14 videoblog about Lazika



Dream West - Imagine Soviet/ Imagine West - Dream Soviet - article by Niko Japaridze

Dream West - Imagine Soviet/ Imagine West - Dream Soviet - article by Niko Japaridze in Joanna Warsza's book 'Ministry of Highways, a guide to the performative architecture of Tbilisi.

Fundacja Inna Przestrzen, Cacso, Sternberg Press ISBN 978-3-943365-72-6


Office building under construction

 Office building is now on site in Moscow


Residential building under construction

Residential building is on site in Sochi


Lazika Municipality in the Final of OfficeNext Awards 2013

May 16, 2013 held a solemn ceremony BEST OFFICE AWARDS 2013, a kind of "Oscar" in the field of interior design of corporate and commercial real estate.

10. BEST FOREIGN DRAFT  NOMINEES1. Municipality (Georgia, Mr. Lasik)  
Architectural Office Architects of Invention 2. Google (Turkey, Istanbul) Architectural bureau Swanke Hayden Connell Architects 3. Turner Construction (Columbus, OH, USA) Architectural bureau m + a Global Architects WINNER Turner Construction (Columbus, OH, USA) Architectural bureau m + a Global Architects




AI new ofice

AI new office in London


B1- Be One Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 65 FEB 2013 - Lazika Municipality

B1- Be One Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 65 FEB 2013 - Lazika Municipality




Reynaers Luxury Calendar 2013 - Prosecutor's Office on the cover

Reynaers Aluminium 2013 Calendar cover features Prosector's Office in Tbilisi which used Reynaers CW 50-SG, CS 77 facade systems.



Art area TV, UFO #9 videoblog about Prosecutor's Office



Commendation at Structural Awards 2012

Engenuiti and Architects of Invention's Prosecutor's Office building winning Commendation Award for iStructure 2012, UK


Lazika - first building of a new city

Architects of Invention has completed a new municipality building for a city which is yet to come into being – Lazika. This marine, economic and commercial centre was intended to be one of the largest cities in Georgia. Currently, Lazika's future hangs in the balance, as the new government decides its course of action.   Architects of Invention, alongside engineers Engenuiti, designed a steel-structured building as a part of the development of a new city on the Black Sea coast. The brief was to create a Public Service Hall, a Wedding Hall and Municipal Offices. Work on the project began at the end of January, 2012, and the building was completed in mid-September, 2012. The building was constructed in 168 days with a progressive drafting schedule.



MONOCLE issue 55. volume 06 July/ August 2012 - Tbilisi

MONOCLE issue 55. volume 06 July/ August 2012 -Tbilisi by Hugo Macdonald



AD - Architectural Digest #7 (108) July 2012 - Prosecutor's Office

AD - Architectural Digest #7 (108) July 2012 - Prosecutor's Office

ISSN 1683-2086


Waste Paper Dragon - The installation on Battersea Power Station - LFA2008

Watse Paper Dragon - the insatllation is concerned with society's ever-changing and ever-growing stance on recycling. Where will the cycle of consumption end? The possibilities for future material usage and feasibility of paperless offices will be explored. Fabricated predominantly from paper-mache and rods, the sculpture aims to address these issues through it's construction.


Luminous Depths - LFA2012

Luminous Depths - installation at London Festival of Architecture 2012 - explores the possibilities of applying reflective material on the space in front of Wilkie House, wrapping all surfaces of the space with aluminium foil lining (80m x 6m x 1.5m) thereby creating a reflective and visually interesting, yet symbolic, meaning to an otherwise unoccupied territory and period of history. By utilising a minimum depth of material intervention, the space is perceptually transformed from its initial state to one of new interpretation.


Best Office Project at Moscow Biennale of Architecture 2012

Architects of Invention received Best Project Award III for Ozurgeti House of Justice at Moscow Architecture Biennale. http://2012.moscowarchbiennale.ru/1274


National Olympic Committee - Best Office Award at Officenext2012

May 17th was a presentation of awards for the best office space Best Office Awards 2012: the culmination of the International Forum Office Next Moscow. Rewarding for the first time held at the new exhibition center square design ARTPLAY. The jury prize Best Office Awards include leading experts industries associated with commercial real estate, construction, consulting, organization lighting, administrative directors. Jury Chairman - President of the Union of Architects of Russia , Academician of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Andrey Bokov.

Among the 88 projects that participated in the awards were well represented of the banking sector , major Russian and foreign corporations, prestigious business centers and hotels. The winner of the Best Office Awards - 2012 in 11 categories: FOREIGN INTERIOR Office of the National Olympic Committee of Georgia, Architects of Invention



Material Differences, Nikoloz Japaridze ARTFORUM, Inprint Issue April2013

Nikoloz Japaridze - Material Differences. article about Georgian and Post-Soviet architecture. Read in Artforum Inprint Issue April 2013
 A SUPERCATHEDRAL IN TBILISI, a massive new parliament dome in Kutaisi, the first building of the new planned city of Lazika: Recent years have seen an incredible period of construction in Georgia, during which ambitious new buildings such as these have appeared with astonishing rapidity. But like all post-Soviet countries, Georgia faces a dual challenge: that of … 


Ozurgeti House of Justice opening

Ozurgeti House of Justice was opened by President Micheil Sakashvili



Architecture & Culture Vol. 374 July 2012 - Prosecutor's Office

South Korean magazine Architecture & Culture Vol. 374 MAR 2012 - Prosecutor's Office


Published by A&C Publishing/ 736-44, Yeoksam-dong, Gungnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


ISSN 1227-0903


Guardian - Constructive critisism: the week in architecture

Guardian - Constructive critisism: the week in architecture by Steve Rose.


The Prosecutor's Office, Tbilisi, by Architects of Invention

Finally, another new discovery this week was Architects of Invention, a practice that not only has one of the best names in the business but looks to be living up to it. It is headed by Niko Japaridze, a former senior architect at Rem Koolhaas's OMA, who has worked in the UK and also has offices in his native Georgia. Last year, the firm wove a snaking wooden staircase through the new headquarters it designed for Georgia's National Olympic Committee, and has recently finished an imposing new building in Tbilisi with an imposing name: The Prosecutor's Office. It looks like a giant black filing cabinet, with square, glass rooms projecting out like half-opened drawers. Seventy per cent of the building is hung off the ground. The interior is just as startling – its long central staircase with green glass walls looks like something out of The Matrix. Japaridze has a host of other promising-looking buildings going up in Georgia. He also claims to be Tbilisi's one millionth citizen. One to watch.


BD - Architects of Invention completes Geogian Prosecurtor's Office

BD - Architects of Invention completes Geogian Prosecurtor's Office



DEZEEN featured projects - National Olympic Committee House

DEZEEN featured projects - National Olympic Committee House



AXIS Mundi

Axis Mundi - long building

The image that inspired this project is Max Ernst’s The Whole City, which portrays a man-made landscape that tends toward the heavens. Archimedes was another source – he once said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Axis Mundi does this, it moves the world by extruding it into the lever itself. The project draws also on the utopic megastructures of the 1960s with their epic, poetic creations, and the evolutionary structures of the Metabolists. Axis Mundi is a living sky-scraper, propelling human life into space.

Axis Mundi is a cosmic body. It is an ever-extending space – one which can carry on building onto itself ad infinitum. This structure is a connection; a vector and a containing space; it is a metabolistic structure which grows organically as it extends. It is landscape contained – forests and cities follow one another along the length of the building. Axis Mundi is a linear expression of our planet.

Axis Mundi extends from the earth’s surface and reaches towards the moon as the nearest mass to which it can be pinned for stability. The moon is a fixing point for the structure. The moon and the earth spin and orbit in such a way that the same facet of the moon is always visible from earth. By connecting the earth with its satellite at our planet’s north pole using a rotating super-rod, Axis Mundi extends into space, providing an extension to the earth.

The modulating line between the earth’s north pole and the moon’s north pole is the site of the building. Axis Mundi is fixed to the earth but has a sliding attachment to the moon which accounts for the 5° degree tilt with respect to its orbit. (This tilt means that the moon nods back and forth as it circumnavigates the earth; the north and south poles tilt toward the earth in alternation.)


Cubic Tower

Cubic Tower approved be local authorities. Will go ahead for construction as soon as design is finilised.


Prosecutor's Office completed

The firm submitted a proposal as part of an invited competition for a new build to the north west of the city, just on the outskirts of the city centre and close to the Tbilisi Court building. The building was completed in February 2012. 

The brief was to create workspace for 60 members of staff, a substantial lobby and car parking. Work began in May 2011 and the building was completed in early 2012. The building consists of a stalwart, dark frame that has luminous, delicate volumes suspended within it. 70% of the building is free-standing away from the sides and the ground creating an impression of ‘floating’ forms.  The volumes make way for a passageway to one side of the building, creating a physical transparency of the building that is alluded to throughout the design. The suspended volumes are staggered so that they create terraces. 


House of Justice Ozurgeti

Continuing their trend for ambitious new government buildings, Architects of Invention have designed the Ministry of Justice in Ozurgeti, which was opened by President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili in April 2012.

Architects of Invention were invited to submit a proposal by Georgia’s House of Justice. The brief included a design for a 1500m2 building to house 95 members of staff and a flow of 400 users a day, to serve Ozurgeti’s population of 500,000. Construction began in September 2011.

The Ministry building brings together a number of services - the Civil Registry Agency, National Agency of Public Registry, National Archives of Georgia, National Bureau of Enforcement and Notary Chamber - under one roof, creating a new blueprint for a government building. 


SILKNET Sales Office launched

Silknet - biggest communication services provider in Georgia - opened new sales office located on one of the main avenues in the centre of Tbilisi. The office should serve as a design guideline to all 300 planed sales offices in major cities of Georgia.


National Olympic Committee House

Pioneering Georgian practice Architects of Invention have designed a dramatic contemporary interior to the National Olympic Committee House in Tbilisi.   The practice was appointed by GEONOC to complete the restoration of the exterior, landscape design of surrounding gardens, museum design and office spaces for over 100 members of staff. The building is situated in the southern part of the city in the historical quarter rich in 18th century German, French and Italian architecture. The construction was completed at the end of 2011.  

The building was originally built in the 19th century as a private residence and has been used for government purposes since the 1960s. While the exterior maintains its classical attributes, the interior is strongly contemporary and demonstrates a definitive move away from the Soviet architecture of the past.

Architects of Invention worked on all elements of the interior, from the intriguing reception desk - a standard rectangular table that is fissured with an arresting crevice that cuts deeply through the centre – to the athletic track markings on the floor that guide visitors around the interactive displays for young visitors to the museum. Perhaps the most striking element of the scheme is the staircase that winds through the building’s four storeys, linking exhibitions spaces and offices. The architects had to reinforce the basement level to allow large openings in the walls of the upper storeys so that the staircase could penetrate the structure. The staircase is a steel frame with MDF panels and the frame, steps and handrails are finished with maple veneer. 


Cubic Tower as one of the icons for GEORG1A - The worlds number one reformer 2005-2010

Cubic Tower featured as one of the icons for GEORG1A - The worlds number one reformer 2005-2010

The Ecomomist, March 2011


SLOPE on the Black Sea

The concept behind this building centres on the notion of an elevated landscape, an open public platform which acts like an open amphitheatre for viewing the performance on the stage. However, the elevated landscape has one advantage over a ground-level plan, which is that it preserves the original land surface. The whole platform overlooks the lake and maintains access to the whole programme below.



Exhibition Opening at the Georgian embassy in London

Nikoloz Japaridze and Peter Murray at the student exhibition at the Georgian Embassy in London orgainised by Architects of Invention for the London Festival of Architecture 2008


Liquid Memories - LFA2008

Liquid Memories - a light installation at London Festival of Architecture 2008 - is set in a ditch, which was used as a moat around the plenipotentiary (and is now left-over uninhabited space). The installation seeks to evoke a tension in the space,  with the movement/freedom of water imitated in tesselating line geometries working in contradiction to the actuality of the form itself. 

Location - Curreton Street, Millbank, London. The Ditch: 80 m long, 6,5 m wide
Materials: 5km of polytubing (3mm), Phosphorus Blue powder, PVA Glue, Compressor, Metal Hooks, Steel wire


Villa DG

A businessman commissioned a suburban villa seeking tranquility and minimal landscape intervention. The design integrates the villa seamlessly into the hilly terrain, using natural materials like stone, wood, and glass to blend with the surroundings. The villa features open-plan living spaces with large windows, providing expansive views and a strong indoor-outdoor connection. Sustainable elements, such as passive solar heating and rainwater harvesting, are incorporated. Outdoor living areas, designed with native plants, offer serene spaces for relaxation, creating a harmonious and peaceful retreat that respects and enhances the natural beauty of the landscape.