The Wall — is an experimental gallery space, which offers a platform for artists and architects to investigate, experiment and construct. The exhibition space comprises of a single seven-meter-long wall, visible form outside, so that the artwork can be viewed without actually having to enter the space. The Wall aims to showcase artworks based around the phisical and metaphorical aspects of the wall, as both a two-and three-dimensional object through the medium of painting, installation, collage, pattern or another form of art.

At the Wall gallery we would like to invite artists to create a wall of profound imagination, a wall that is an object as well as a subject; A wall that can be present or absent, a wall that is there to contemplate and admire.

The gallery will host four exhibitions per year, one to coincide with the Summer Show of Royal College of Arts (RCA), which is located across the road from the gallery. The schedule and list of artists will be advertised on this page and various art portals. The regular opening times are 12pm to 5pm weekdays.


Leftovers - tape installation

Colour tape intallation. Dimensions 7x2.4m. The Wall Gallery


Optical Geometries

 Blue tape installation on the wall. Dimensions 7X2.4m


Katrina Blannin

KATRINA BLANNIN28th January - 29th April 2016
Katrina Blannin is influenced by the Systems Group and Constructivism. Following certain self-created rules, she explores tonality and colour-play through variations (rotations, compressions, expansions) and repetitions of the same motif or “pattern”. Meticulously executed, these incisive works have a dynamism and rhythm that invite and reward visual exploration.
Blannin lives and works in London. She studied at the Royal College of Art and is currently a PhD Student at Worcester University. She has exhibited widely, including the John Moores Painting Prize and is co-editor of Turps Banana magazine.