Batumi Slope

The Site

The site is located adjacent to The Black Sea volcanic pebble stoned cost and serves as one of the access points between the city and the sea cost. New 25 km boulevard is passing in the front of the slope. The surrounding area is mostly recreational with hotels and a public square. There is an old 19 century navigation lighthouse on the site and is incorporated into the building. Back of building is open towards the square with 3D cinema, gallery, cafes and restaurants.

Elevated Landscape

The concept behind this building centres on the notion of an elevated landscape, an open public platform which acts like an open amphitheatre for viewing the performance on the stage. However, the elevated landscape has one advantage over a ground-level plan, which is that it preserves the original land surface. The whole platform overlooks the lake and maintains access to the whole programme below.

Project Details
Concept Proposal
Batumi, Georgia
Batumi City Hall
3060 m²
10 mil
Consultants :
3D Cinema, The Stage, Cinema Cafe, Open Water Pool, Open Air Restaurant & Bar, Backstage, Lounge&Bar, Shops, The Lighthouse, The Lighthouse Office, Administration