Our client requested that we generate four different residential areas: standard acommodations; an apart-hotel; villas with private beaches;
villas with bigger plots facing the tree park. This conglomeration is situated on a plot of 20,000 m2 in the middle ofGelenjik bay. We divided the site with an entertainmnet centre contqining a football pitch, tennis courts, an archery club, an aquapark,a yachting club and a floating restaurant.


This allowed the possibility of public use by guests and also a degree of privacyfor privileged residents by securing zones in private condominiums. We introduced a "french" grid (30x30m) which allowed us to create residential 15m-wide blocks with 1 to 5 apartments per floor.The round shaped residential blocks allowed the owner to divide sell or rent out any part of the floor plan from 10m wide up to the whole floor. Using internal circulation and service, the views can be maintained all around the block perimeter from seaviews to the mountain views.For security reasons the buildings are raised on columns of 6m from the ground to provide permeability and a direct view of the entrance doors.

Project Details
Gelenjik, Russia
50000 m²
$45 mil
Residential complex, Private Villas, Library, Sport Centre, Aquapark, Dendropark
Nikoloz Japaridze, Olga Kolesnik