Bridge Street


The new residential development is positioned in Staines-upon-Thames at the edge of the river Thames on top of an existing two level car park adjacent to the historic Staines Bridge. The south-west elevation faces the embankment, the south-east is positioned on Bridge Street and the building faces Clarence Street to the East. There are adjacent buildings to the site – Strata House to the North, Edge Court residential building to the East, The Staines Bridge to the East and Swan Hotel to the West.


The structure represents the idea of a circular forum encapsulating the spirit of community and integration. It speaks to the surroundings by positively embodying the concept of connection: between city, river and the historic Staines Bridge. The emphasis on integration in this design means city and residential units are given to each other. Likewise, the building itself opens 360 degrees to the city – allowing for most of the flats to have a view of the river.

Urban Strategy

Best practice in upgrading townscapes must include developing and restoring the centre to attract visitors and create a community and leisure hub. With this in mind, we have opened the building to allow easy ingress and egress and to attract the local population to enjoy the building and the views it offers. The building is designed to interact positively with its setting and should form a focal point for new community activity.

Project Details
Concept Proposal
Staines upon Thames, Spelthorne, Surrey, UK
Vesper Properties
10000 m²
£30 mil
Consultants :
Engenuiti, DSA, Hyland Edgar Driver, DP9, Gardner & Theobald, Savills
residential, retail, car park
Dominykas Daunis, Davit Canava, Petras Isora, Nikoloz Japaridze, Anton Khmelnitskiy, Ivane Ksnelashvili