Photo: Shandrokha

Ziggurat House

The Ziggurat House is located on the outskirts of Tbilisi in the residential recreational area of Tskneti, approximately 10 km uphill from the city centre. It is conveniently situated for commuters. The rectangular plot is free from substantial vegetation. The site is currently empty, although there is a remaining structure where the proposed house will be built, replacing the former footprint.


The house is designed as a sequence of three quadrangular plans that progressively decrease in size and symmetrically rotate as they ascend. This creates a multipolar directional orientation within the landscape. The base plan serves as the everyday living space and includes a hall, lounge, dining area, kitchen, and a master bedroom with a gym. The first-floor level features four symmetrical bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom and equal-sized triangular terraces. The top floor is a party room with four small terraces of equal size.


The design of the house draws inspiration from a Ziggurat, while also incorporating elements of a traditional Georgian "darbazy" cupola. The cupola is constructed using rotating squares, hexagons, or heptagons. The three-story squared house confidently asserts its position within the landscape, acting as a testament to the harmony of manmade geometry juxtaposed with nature

Project Details
Concept Proposal
Tskneti, Tbilisi, Georgia
500 m²
$900 Thousand
Five Bedroom house
Ilia Gamisonia, Eka Kankava, Nikoloz Japaridze